Angel tongue
Review by Peter Thomas

  Before I start, let me warn you, I am no music expert, the only "instrument" I can play is the radio, but I am a music lover and collector of good music. It is with these qualifications that I am attempting to review this CD, I hope I am not going to do Nia more harm than good, lol

Ever since I saw Nianell perform at the Jo'burg Day concert at Gold Reef City a year or so ago, I knew that she was special. her first CD Who painted the moon? has been the favourite in my collection ever since, until now, that is!

Nia mentioned more that a year ago that she was working on a new CD and I have been waiting anxiously. Today was the BIG DAY when I collected my shiny new "Angel tongue" CD!

Got back to my car and took the CD out of the plastic bag - Wow, real classy- I thought. Being a keen photographer I quickly looked at the credits. Photography by David Dodds - no wonder, only the Best for the Best!  Hoping they would not be trapping on a Saturday morning I rushed home for my first listen. Luckily the girls had gone shopping and it was just me and Nianell for the next hour or so.

I believe to really appreciate music you have to get as close to a "live" situation as possible, so I donned my headphones, turned up the volume  and settled down to listen.

The advantage of writing and composing your own songs is that the words and music compliment each other perfectly and if the the song is also sung by the composer, it suits the voice as well. This is just such a combination! Nia is a good writer, her words MEAN something and each song delivers a powerful message. And she writes about everyday things that we can all identify with. Combined with great music and an even greater voice, this is powerful stuff

I first heard Nia's angel tongue on As One from the Who painted the moon? CD. I once asked her what language she was singing and she replied that it was "angel tongue". And now the first track on the new CD is Angel Tongue. Although I don't understand her angel tongue, the song shows off her great vocal ability. The secret here is to translate her angel tongue into your own words:-)

The next song, Life, is the one song - except for Monday - that I had heard before. In fact, Life is currently at #2 on the Highveld Stereo Top 10 and I am voting for it whenever I can! For certain one of the hit singles from this CD.

Slowly killing me  is one of those songs about everyday relationships going wrong. A powerful message here and another great song.

Hey you is an inspirational with a message to all those who feel alone and  urging them to be strong. In fact all the songs have some kind of strong message of hope.

How many times  is another song about relationships gone wrong. The message is not to keep making the same mistakes. As with all the songs on the album, Nia does all her own backing vocals!

Running so long is one of my favourites and certain to become a hit.  Reminds me of Allanah Miles, just so much better. The message here is that you will never find love if you keep running away.

A real strong man is a powerful song about abuse. The message is  not to accept abuse, get out of the relationship.... I love this song, the message really comes across strong!
"No one should allow another human being to abuse them, Love yourself enough to leave"

We'll find a way - another powerful song about relationships. A beautiful love song.

One lifetime - another beautiful love song, great guitar work.

Something kind and Never been loved like this pave the way for something completely different......

Set me free - If this song does not become Nia's greatest hit then I don't know.  The haunting refrain in Zulu?? makes this song great! Well, done, Nia! I love it!

It's so absurd - another of Nia's deep songs with a powerful message. I don't like to compare but if Sarah Brightman had to do this song, I would prefer Nianell's version, any day!

We'll find a way - sounded familiar to me, I am sure I have heard it before, perhaps at one of her live shows? A great song! What a voice!

Monday - You have to experience this song when Nia performs it live! In Afrikaans they call it a "belewenis". Do yourself the favour and go see a live show where Nia performs this song.

So what can I say! Whew! Wow! After listening to the CD for quite a few times I am going to see Nia performing the songs live to get the full effect of her talent! 

You just keep on shining, Nia!

I wonder how many times one can listen to a CD before you wear it out completely?????

Can this CD be improved? Never, you can't improve perfection....welllll, perhaps an open space on the CD cover for an autograph???

Hope I don't have to wait too long for the next CD! Better yet, what about a DVD?

one of those songs with a message.