I first heard the name Nianell during an interview on 94.7 and as soon as they played one of the tracks off her new CD -  "Who painted the moon?" I was hooked...the speakers in my daughter's little Clio just didn't do justice to the song they played...

Our paths "crossed" again the the Gold Reef City Jo'burg Day celebrations where her performance blew me actually literally blew me away! To get up close to the stage I ended up right in front of a zillion watt speaker!  Within a minute I was deaf anyway, but I did manage to get a few nice 

I have been fortunate to attend her shows at The Showcase and at Montecasino (check out the Gallery for pics I took at these gigs) and look forward to her next CD which should be out sometime in 2003. 

I was fortunate to meet and chat with Nia recently and also had my copy of her CD autographed! See the CD page.