Cape Holiday
January 16 to 30, 2004

All the facts and figures

The camera used is a Sony DSC-F717

This might help you to get an idea of what a similar holiday
could cost you and help you with budgeting. Unless stipulated, costs are for 3 adults.

Vacation Highlights

- Meeting sister Mig, hubby John a and friends Camilla and Steve who visited from the UK.
- Trip up Table Mountain
- Cape scenic drives along the coastline
- Helicopter ride at Tsitsikamma.

Our accommodation was self catering, so we had to buy all our food

Formule 1 hotel - Beaufort West R209
Hermanus Beach Club - Timeshare points used - no cash outlay nil
Plettenberg Bay - Timeshare points used - no cash outlay nil
Total accommodation cost R209


Our accommodation was self catering, this will give an idea of food costs.
We brought the basics such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk and cold drinks with us from home, the rest we buy as and when we need it. We prepare our own breakfast and supper at our apartment and usually eat lunch wherever we might be, mostly a light snack.

A meal for 3 people at a fast food restaurant such as Wimpy is in the region of R80 to R120. At a steak house the cost for 3 people could be in the region of R240. Then you could also buy a loaf of bread and make sarmies in your apartment for R5!
The choice (and budget) is yours! 
Most timeshare resorts have bbq facilities, you could have  a bbq for 3 people for R50! 

Total food bill for the trip for 3 people R2766.41

Entertainment - Entrance fees etc

There are always things to do and places to go to, more often than not some sort of fee has to be paid, here are our expenses

Harold Porter Botanical Gardens - Betty's Bay R21
Table Mountain Tableway R265
Helicopter flip - Tstisikamma (2 persons) R700
Tsitsikamma National Park (1 person - two on Wildcard free pass) R20
Outeniqua choo-tjoe R195
Total R1201

Fuel costs

Our vehicle is a Renault Scenic 1600 Automatic. On the open road
I travel 120 km/h, mostly with aircon on.

Total distance traveled in kilometers 4289
Fuel used in litres 394.64
Total cost R1486.25
Average consumption for the trip (open road and city driving)in litres/100 km 6.8




Parking fees R24
Car wash X2 R60
Total R146

Observations/ Comments

Tip: When ordering coffee or tea with your meal, stipulate that you want your beverages with the meal. Otherwise they bring it immediately and by the time your food arrives, the coffee or tea is cold.
We always ask for the bill when the food arrives. If you are in a hurry you might wait for the bill when you want to leave.

Most enjoyable snack: The pancakes with banana and caramel syrup filling at the Coffee Shop in Greyton.

Most enjoyable meal and best service: Our lunch at the Falcon Creek Spur at the Knysna Quays. Our steaks were perfect and the waiter, Pieter, could speak Afrikaans.

Worst service imaginable: The restaurant at the Storms River camp in the Tsitsikamma National Park. The waiters were unfriendly and suffered from total ignorance syndrome, we were totally ignored. We eventually left without eating, we just could not wait for our order any longer. If those waiters worked for me I would fire the whole lot of them!

Worst ripoff: Food prices at the Cape Town waterfront. Also curio and shell shops in holiday towns. They all try to get rich off the tourists!

Best value for money: Terry's Gifts and Shells in Plettenbeg Bay. We got the pansy shells we bought at half the price they were sold at oyher shops!