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The original Gold card is back!

With Barclaycard, wherever you are in the world you can feel safe in the knowledge that Barclaycard is with you every step of the way. Discover what else makes Barclaycard Gold one of South Africa's most valuable Gold cards. So sit back, relax and let Barclaycard save you money...

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Barclaycard Gold comes with a full range of card benefits. Some good reasons to choose Barclaycard Gold include:

  • A balance transfer facility - enjoy a 3% saving on our balance transfer rate when you move your existing credit card debt to your Barclaycard Gold card*
  • The ability to apply for a free secondary Barclaycard and Garage card, both linked to the primary credit card
  • Value add: the Barclaycard Ware House programme allows you to buy lifestyle items at preferential prices
  • Access to all MasterCard4More promotions and specials
  • Up to 55 days interest-free credit on balances settled in full
  • Free lost card protection (LCP) to safeguard your account
  • Free travel insurance
  • ATM withdrawal functionality to ensure you can obtain cash, particularly in an emergency
  • The opportunity to pay a minimum 7.5% off on your outstanding credit balance each month