Affililiate schemes are the easiest way to get involved in eBiz or operating a business on the Internet.  All the back office stuff is done for you, you join for free and all you have to do is to market the product and refer customers to the supplier's website. If a sale results you get paid commission, as easy as that.

There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate schemes on the Internet, you have to find the one that works for you. If you want to know what to look for in an affiliate scheme, look at the article in the Articles section

I have joined all the affiliate schemes mentioned on this page

  Dial Direct - Here is an example of a great affiliate scheme in South Africa. Dial Direct is a short term insurer and by cutting out the middle man the benefit is passed on to the customer, you join their affiliate scheme and start referring customers to their website for an instant quote.

If a sale results you get paid R50. Click here to start your affiliate business, it really works!

As a bonus, you can get an online quote for yourself and save a few hundred Rands every month!

  Play UK Lottery - Join up as an affiliate and sell UK Lottery tickets by email or from your website. For every ticket sold as a result of your efforts, you get paid .50p.

Click here to buy a ticket or to join up for free.

  Adland Pro - Get Linked from over 15,000 sites with one click. Free internet advertising and promotion. Click here to join for free. The page you are going to is actually a page on my website, the code was provided by Adland Pro, kewl, huh?  
  Barclaycard is back in South Africa. Apply online for your card or join their affiliate scheme and get paid R150 for every card issued from your link. Click here for details of more cards in the affiliate scheme.  
  Globalnet - I have to report on the negative side as well. I joined them in July (setup took a whole month) after which they requested my business details which I faxed to them and which they "didn't receive" and it is now three months later and I am trying to get my money back. But they HAVE to still send me a parcel and then I HAVE still to return it to them before they will give my money back. I call that stalling tactics, but that's my own opinion. I offered to give them a letter discharging them from their legal obligation, but no chance, things HAVE to take their course and I have to wait even longer to get my money back. In the meantime phone and fax charges are heaping up.......
Update: 15th November and still waiting...........

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