Multi Level Marketing

  The main difference between an affiliate scheme and MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is that with MLM you not only earn commission from your own sales efforts but also from people that you recruit (your downline). With MLM you mostly join up for free but in order to earn commission you and your downline have to also purchase a product or products in order to earn commission. The secret here is to find a product that can be distributed internationally and if you have to purchase it that you can actually use it!
  I recently came across a great MLM opportunity, Olive Oil goes MLM. The product is right, pure olive oil is healthy, its internationally marketable and the support from the suppliers is fantastic. If you don't have your own website, you even get your own web page that you can send out tp prospective customers to inform them about the business and to get them to join your "team".

Once you log on to the admin section of your page you will find a host of helpful stuff such as pro forma marketing letters that you can mail out. Also banners and text links to help you. To learn more, click here or the banner at the top of the page.


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