South African


  The stories below are from a South African Folk Tales by James A. Honey M.D. published in 1910 by the Baker and Taylor Company in New York. The book was digitized in 2007 and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

As the book was printed way back in 1910, the stories are all more than 100 years old as as such as true to the original stories as told in those days as one can get. I would guess that prior to the publishing of the book, very few if any of these stories had ever been written down, making them that more original and unique.

Background and Introduction  
Hottentot and Bushmen The Lost Message
The Monkey's Fiddle The Tiger, the Ram and the Jackal
The Jackal and the Wolf The Lion, the Jackal and the Man
The World's Reward The Tiger (Leopard) and the Jackal
Tink-Tinkje Lion and Jackal
The Hunt of Lion and Jackal Story of Lion and Little Jackal

Outa Karel's Stories