Cheetah cub taken at De Wildt, near Pretoria - Jan, 2003

Photography has been a passion of mine for years...I bought my first "decent" camera, a Pentax Spotmatic way back in 1969 then came a Sony Mavica FD 88 and I also a Sony DSC-S75 which I recently upgraded to a Sony DSC-F717. 
I then bought a canon EOS 350D SLR and currently use a Canon 400D. I use the following lenses, 18-125mm, 70-300mm and have just bought a 120-500mm. This page will eventually be sorted into different categories as I have more pics available to put on, but in the meantime here are a few of my fav pics...all pics on this page were taken by me. In the "old" days, I spent many hours in darkrooms, developing and printing photos, these days digital images are easily manipulated, and you don't have to do it in the dark either! The graphics program I use is Paintshop Pro 11.

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The photos of the lions below were taken in Pilanesberg National Park. They had caught a wildebeest calf and were fighting over the spoils. They eventually pulled it apart and each left with her own half!



How NOT to ride an ostrich!

Frank, who was visiting SA from Hawaii, tried his hand at being an ostrich jockey, and, it would seem, holding on a bit TOO tight! Actually the ostrich was trying to get to some food on the ground, but the effect was hilarious!


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African Hawk Eagle

Crowned Eagle

  To save space on my website I have uploaded many of my photos to online albums, to take a look, just click on the links below:

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Juvenile Crowned Eagle

My favourite animal, the Cheetah....

This pic was taken with camcorder and a single frame captured on puter.
Lighting was a spotlight from game ranger's truck while on a night
drive in the Pilanesberg National Park


The picture below was taken in Kruger National park on July 31st, 2004. There was a rare "blue moon", when one month has two full moons. I was trying to get as many moon photos as possible and saw a vulture sitting on a dead branch not far away from me .



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