Hello everyone!
I was given a $5 gift and membership to J3V as a marketing prize and after doing some investigation I am convinced that this is a really easy way to gradually build a steady income. Not only do you get advertising for whatever you want to advertise, but you get to take part in the profit sharing programme. Please read the details of how it works below and then scroll back up and join with me.

The secret is to have as many positions in the cycler as possible, I have joined the Elite Club and will be purchasing $5 positions in the cycler weekly to ensure I have quite a few positions moving through the cycler at any one time.

This is one venture that you don't have do do any work, sell, advertise, market or have any knowledge thereof, just purchase your positions in the cycler  (regularly if possible) and sit back and watch your money grow. So read below and once you are as convinced as I am, join me by clicking the link below! Once you have joined, email me


Click here to join J3V
If this is a gift, join with the recipients details, but pay with your credit card details


Remember, when asked for sponsor's username type in mine, funkymunky


You also have to open an Intgold account (free) where your money gets paid in
Click here to get your Intgold account
If you are joining as a gift to a minor, open the Intgold account as follows:
John Smith - Mary Account

You Are JuST One Step Away from

The Most Explosive Opportunity Online!
Start Earning more while getting Paid to Advertise.
J3V - Your One Stop Shop for Advertising, Debt Elimination and Wealth Creation

We offer:

Alignment with 3 other programs to decrease your debt and increase your wealth.
Internal Advertising to a targeted, responsive group of business owners and seekers.
External Advertising worldwide.
A forum, and REAL PEOPLE to help you.
Your own website. Use it IF you Choose to sponsor.
Even more to come in the near future as we add more and more advertising resources.
Resources for helping to build your business, understanding how Home Business work and their Tax Advantages.

Today's Internet makes it harder and harder to effectively advertise and get results. Permission based Advertising and Traffic Exchanges are the NOW and the FUTURE of Internet Advertising. We offer both.

Let us show you how we can become not only your one stop advertising service, but also show you how to generate recurring income from only your own Advertising Purchases as you enter our profit sharing system.

Oh... the cost? You can start for as little as $20 and a minimum $20 a month subscription. It only takes a minute to become a member. Just click join from the menu on the left.

100% of every advertising purchase goes straight back into the company. 91% to the members, 9% to the cost of running the business.

Remember that $320 you originally had in the Cycler will keep cycling over and over producing the same rewards each and every time. 


The way to achieve this is simple. Purchase APPS on a daily, weekly, or monthly level!

Remember, it's not the length of the cycles that is important, it's how many positions  you have cycling!!!    

Payouts to date:

Time program active: 305 days

Members: 3231

Payout to date: $907,909