Kruger National Park
Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2000

This was one of our weekend breakaways, a quick "there-and-back" kinda thing...Well the world famous Kruger National Park is probably South Africa's major tourist attraction, just think of any wild animal and you would probably find it there, if you are fortunate:-) some of the critters tend to hide from visitors...
We left Johannesburg midmorning on Friday and got back home just after lunch on Sunday. We stayed at the "Berg-en-Dal" restcamp in the south of the park and cruised the southern section of the park from there. We were lucky to see four of the "Big 5" (see "Big Five" page). Below you will see some of the other animals we saw.... enjoy!!!

Giraffe - Kruger Park - Sep,2000

Gnu (Wildebeest) - Kruger Park - Sep, 2000

Impala Ram - Kruger Park - Sep, 2000

Kudu Ewe - Kruger Park - Sep, 2000

Waterbuck - Kruger Park - Sep, 2000

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