The story behind the
Leopard photo


We have been visiting the Kruger National Park for years now and have only been able to get brief glimpses of the elusive leopard. This time, however, our luck changed!

We were driving along the road between Lower Sabie and Skukuza when we saw some cars parked ahead, a sure sign of some sighting. As we got close, one of the cars moved off and we got that spot, the perfect position for some photos.  Great was our surprise when we realised that it was a leopard that had just caught an impala.



The leopard was dragging the impala towards a tree in order to get it up into the tree as high as possible to safeguard it from scavengers.



The leopard started climbing the tree but the impala was too heavy to drag into the tree.



The leopard was now getting frustrated and started looking around for a better route up into the tree



It also had to be on the lookout for scavengers that might grab the impala and make off with it.



Eventually the leopard climbed up into the tree without the impala



It eventually lay down on a branch, probably resting before trying once more to get the impala into the tree. At that stage we had to continue our journey, but we left excited at having "captured" a leopard at last!