Appeal for Maggie


  Some background:

Hello everyone who knows me, or has read my website over the many years that I have had it up online for all to see. This is a very difficult thing for me to do, I have never asked for any financial help in my entire life. But I am now fighting for my survival. My husband came out here from overseas six years ago without a penny. I thought he loved me in all the ways a husband should, but it would seem that this was not his intention. He informed me recently that he has found 'another' woman on the Internet and has fallen madly and deeply in love with her and wants to be with her. Hence he is leaving me! Before he came here I owned my own home, although I was not rich, I was comfortable enough not to rely on anyone. However  with bringing him out here to Australia and setting him up in the way in which he wanted to be set up, he has bled me dry. I now owe money on the mortgage which I will not be able to afford, I will have to sell the house to pay off the mortgage and there will be little money left to set myself up again.  I am in fear for my life!

If any of you out there can spare just a little to help me and my dire circumstances I would be eternally grateful, you will be literally saving my life. Please send this to everyone you know and get them to send it to all they know. The Internet is a powerful tool and as I said it just may save me.

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