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Internet and Home Business Guide


I recently started wondering how one could generate income from the Internet or from a Home Based business. I did some research and came across some interesting and helpful eBooks on the subject. I have combined these on this CD as a single reference source and starting point for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Many of the eBooks on the CD come with resale rights, others are offered for free on this CD. You may therefore resell this CD as is and hopefully also generate income for yourself.

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Listed below are the eBooks and applications on the CD. As you can see there is a bit of everything, a one stop resource for starting a new Internet or Home Business, publishing your own eZine or Blog or designing your own website!

The price is a low R120 or US$23 (local or overseas postage included)
Overseas payments are accepted via Paypal.

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Internet Marketing


How to get subscribers to your mailing list

100 Amazing ad tips

101 Short, sharp, mini articles to help your online business succeed

101 Supertips - Internet marketing gems

105 Powertips to get your internet business noticed and profiting

12 Little-Known, High Profit, Low Startup, Business Ideas for 2005 and Beyond!

17 Simple steps to a killer sales letter

93 of the most visited marketing and business forums

Easily and quickly create high quality marketing articles

Google adwords made easy

The Amazing Instant Article genie

Autoresponders explained

Create banner ads with Banner Buddy

How To Create And Market A Best Selling Info-Product

The big yellow book of turbo marketing secrets

Building traffic with content

Content profit secrets

Web marketing explained

Great marketing freebies

The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!

The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages

How to Make Money Online with Content

The Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit!

Newbies Guide To Easy Info Product Set Up

Internet copycatting - Business models to copy and profit from

Internet fortune on a shoestring

How to build a profitable opt-in list

Moneymaking emails

Plan to Succeed Online

Net Marketing Exposed

The simple act of optimising

Podcasting for Fun & Profit

How to get reprint rights on products for free

Spiral Marketing

Starting an Internet Business

The Affiliate Marketing Pocket Guide

The Opt-in Strategy

Joint Venture e-Course





Copywriting and eBooks

5 Ways To Create PDF eBooks & Special Reports Without Adobe Acrobat

eBook submitter

Insider Secrets To Exploding Your Business By Authoring An E-book

How To Use Simple Surveys to Create Best-Selling eBooks & Info-Products


Home Business


Creating Profitable Classified Ads

Classified Ad Factory

eWhiz ad creator

92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates!

How to build a  profitable small business in one year

Instant Home Wealth - Money from Home

Using Microsoft Word for your Home Business


Website How-to


10 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase the Profits of ANY Web Site Overnight

10 Magical Steps To Website Automation

How to get millions of free clipart images

Creating a website in 5 days

Traffic that grows to infinity!

Web design tutorials

131 Link building strategies

How to get visitors to your website

Make money with Google Adsense

Search Engine Ascent

Search Engine Primer

Sitemaps-The Missing Link of Search Engine Optimization

Webmasters Cookbook - Tips, Techniques and Technologies

Stop losing customers due to a simple website flaw



Publish your own eZine


77 Questions and Answers to eZine success

The great eZine experiment

How to Write Ezine Ads that Guarantee Results!

eZines - a complete guide to publishing

eZine success - your guide to eZine advertising

Amazing eZine tactics


Blogs - the alternative to Websites


Blog in a box - Create blogs for profit or pleasure

The Bloggers Edge - how to use weblogs as marketing tools

What, when how to blog - blog basics for marketers

Blogging made easy - a quickstart guide to profitable weblogging


Bonus eBooks


365 Daily Success Quotes

Memory Improvement Tecniques

Family Finance Planner

The Art of Moneygetting

Page Translator

How to Re-brand practically any PDF file

Profit on Ebay

The Secret to Winning Every Time

The Ultimate Success Secret