Some facts and figures


All prices are as at May 2006

  SA Rand is accepted in Namibia as legal currency - R1 equals N$1  
  Fuel can be paid for in N$, Rand or South African Petrocard  
  Duration of trip - 17 days  
  Below is an indication of the cost of our accommodation in Namibia.  



Price per day in N$


Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort


2 & 3

Luderitz, Shark Island, Standard Bungalow 6- Bed

410 self-catering

4 & 5

Accommodation near Sossusvlei

840 double DBB (dinner, bed, and breakfast)

6 & 7

Flat in Swakopmund

555 self-catering

8 & 9

Okaukuejo Camp 2-roomed bungalow

690 self-catering


Halali standard bungalow, 2 rooms

570 self-catering


Namutoni  luxury flat,  2 rooms

590 self-catering


Waterberg luxury bungalow 2 rooms

550 self-catering

13 & 14

Accommodation in Windhoek

439 self-catering


Guest House in Gobabis

450 double B&B

  Reservations paid (above) - N$8657 (R8,657)  
  B&B Upington R250  
  2 nights at Eiland, Upington @ R248 - R496  
  Total paid for accommodation:  R9,403  
  Travelling expenses  
  Vehicle - Nissan 2.0 16V LDV  
  Total distance travelled: 7,283 km  
  Total fuel used: 755.1 litres  
  Average fuel consumption:  10.36 litres/100 km  
  Cost of fuel: R4,367.36  
  Other expenses  
  Namibia road tax (upon entering): R140  
  Namibia Wildlife Resorts Park fees: (N$60 pppd plus N$10 per car once off) - R880  
  Excursions: R842 (shuttle at Sossus, Kolmanskop and Seal Cruise)  
  Food:  R1,180  (purchase of groceries and eating out)  
  TOTAL COST OF TRIP: R16,812.36