Rooiberg, situated between Bela Bela (Warmbaths) and Thabazimbi in Limpopo Province, was once the residence of employees of the Rooiberg Tin Mine. When the mine closed down in the early 1990ís the town became deserted and was fast becoming a ghost town.

Luckily a consortium purchased the town and started selling the houses to private buyers. Now most of the houses have been purchased and renovated, mostly by pensioners looking for a quiet and restful place to retire.

The mine single quarters have now been converted into a retirement village, the mine offices are now a school and the mine club is now a lodge. The town boasts two General Dealer Stores, two butcheries and four pubs!

We bought some bottled water at the local "mall" and saw on the label that the water was bottled locally. We visited the bottling plant and saw that bottled water was supplied to Lodges in the area under their own lables, very kewl indeed!

We spoke to a few of the locals who all love the town and itís lack of crime. Itís the ideal place to retire with housing still very reasonable.

We spent a few days in Rooiberg at Ukuthula lodge with our timeshare points. I took a walk around town and took the photos below, trying to capture the ďfeelĒ of the town.




Shop assistant at local General Dealer



One of the restored mine houses



Mine house still to be restored



Spiderman making a call!  ('n Boer maak 'n plan!)



The heat makes one thirsty!




Cactus flower



One price property??




Restored mining cottage



Retired resident



The donkey that woke us up!



Sterkfontein Natural Spring Water bottling plant



Aaron Moema - Firewood Deliveries