Nature Reserve
11 to 15 February 2002


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Our chalet at Sondéla

Chalet bbq area

another chalet view

Lorraine busy with bbq

Situated in the bush...

Long-eared friends

About to leave on the game drive

Curious giraffe

Game viewing hide


Nyala cow and calf

After the rain

Crested barbet

Sosaties and must buns

Walking trails

Nyala playing hide and seek

Curious visitors to our chalet

Free pancakes on arrival....

see MAP

Long bush walks

Their brochure enticingly said: " you still recall those wonderful sun-drenched, lazy days of barefoot frolicking with the feel of warm soft dust between your toes, the tranquility of the bushveld, the trees, the birds and the graceful impala?...the "Hoep Hoep will welcome you with it's call and the Giraffe will bow their graceful necks in your honour...."

Well, after an intro like that, we just had to go and get a taste of real life in the bushveld, and we were not disappointed.  Sondéla means 'Come Closer" in Zulu but for me a more suitable translation would have been "Relaxation" or "Privacy". We spent a gloriously relaxing week in the bush at Sondéla, taking long walks in the Reserve, encountering one or other form of wildlife round every corner, just lazing in the shade on lush green lawns by the pool or just relaxing in the luxuriously appointed chalets.

The variety of wildlife seen on the Game Drive reminded me of the plains game I encountered in the Botswana Okavango Delta, at one stage we could spot impala, wildebeest, warthog, eland, zebra and gemsbok from the same spot, really impressive....

You want privacy? Well, the chalets are situated "in the bush", from our chalet we couldn't even see our neighbours, and at night it was so QUIET!!!.

So, if you are looking for a nice relaxing break, less than 2 hour's drive from Johannesburg, this is the place to go to....

....after all of that free marketing, wonder if they will give me a complimentary weekend? hehehe