Umhlanga Rocks
9 to 15 June 2001

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We have always wanted to go to Umhlanga Rocks, a seaside resort about 50 kilometers north of the city of Durban, on the Kwa-Zulu Natal south coast. Although it can be quite hot and humid in summertime, the coastal winter weather is perfect, mild days with little or no wind, and we had the best of it!

Winter is usually the time when sardines move up the coast in large shoals, hundreds of yards wide and long. They are sometimes driven ashore by predator fish like sharks and this is a major tourist attraction. The sardines did "run" while we were there but no beaching took place where we were, better luck next time!

We stayed at a resort called Umhlanga Sands, and with our unit on the 11th floor, we had a fantastic view. The sardines also attract dolphins and we saw pods of these graceful animals swim past just outside the breakers. One day we went out in a rubber duck and managed to see them from up close, truly an experience to be treasured. The resort also has a steak house and pizzeria on the premises...yummmyyyy...Thursdays is Curry night, guess what I had for dinner!!!!

We also paid a visit to the Headquarters of the Sharks Board where we saw an impressive audio-visual presentation on sharks and also witnessed a Zambezi shark being dissected! I also learned that the dangerous sharks in South African waters is the Great White, the Zambezi and the Tiger shark. The Zambezi is particularly active at dawn and dusk and can take you in two feet of water!

The resort has a full entertainment program every day, and one day we went on a sunset trip to Durban on a topless bus. I was a bit disappointed when I realized that the bus was topless and not the passengers...drat!!!

The beaches go on forever and we took long walks every day, at one stage we walked past a guy who appeared to have no clothes on, only to find out later on that we had passed a nudist beach! Once more I was out of luck, only the one guy there that day!

I was up before sunrise every morning to see if I could get any decent pix at sunrise, I have some of them on this page, what do you think? Also I had to take some sunrise pics, just to show the girls what they were missing, they of course were never awake at sunrise!!

Well, we had a fantastic and restful week, we will go back to Umhlanga and back to the Umhlanga Sands resort. Just the view alone is worth it over and over!