This is hectic! - Read!

Hey A coloured lady here at work was arrested with her husband when they were walking out of the movies in Avondale last night. She and her husband were holding hands and the policeman arrested them claiming that they were loitering around and for indecent public exposure!!!!!!!! They were just holding hands and leaving the movie walking slowly to their car, she is an
elderly woman with teenage kids so there is no way they could have been indecent... Anyway they were taken to Avondale police station, thoroughly seached and kept there till the wee hours of the morning and they had to pay a fine of $25 000 each and they now have a police record... they were forced to admit guilt else they would not be let out of the cell...

This is a crazy but true story... and its happening all over Harare, rumour has it that there is a new clean up happening in Zim... where people just arbly around will be taken in for questioning and sadly, the target is non-black people. Hectic... we often do linger in Avondale, Borrowdale etc... so this is a concern now cause people with a record do not get visa's to other countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please everyone be aware of this...