We are not safe!!  
We often hear of the violence surrounding us daily but do we ever stop to consider that it could happen to your family.........

On Saturday morning around 11:30am my mom was traveling alone from out of town along Josiah Tongogara (North Avenue - just after Belvedere Trading) when the presidential motorcade came from behind. She pulled off the road - as one immediately does - and waited for them to pass.

A ZRP car pulled up next to her - stopping for a few seconds - and then drove off again. She presumed that she had parked too close on the road and moved off further - most of the vehicles had already passed when she moved. Then a blue Peugeot 406 with tinted windows pulled up next to her again. A man dressed in army uniform got out and came over to the drivers door. He demanded her to "GET OUT OF THE CAR" - she was still fumbling in the car, trying to switch off the engine when he opened the door and pulled her out the car by her wrist. He then hit her in the face, and as she fell to the ground he started to kick her, shouting "GET OUT OF HERE". He then casually walked back to his car and drove off .......

My mom managed to drive home in much shock and called me, as her glasses were hit off her face and she could not find them. We then went back to the scene to see if we locate them. The paper vendor was still around and came to us apologising and finding out if my mom was okay, l asked him what did she do wrong and he stated that they are doing this to every one and that she had not done anything wrong.

l received a call from our family in Chegutu this morning advising that the same thing happened to a 70 year old lady on Saturday afternoon when she was on her way to bridge club.

These incidences seem to be occurring more and more often. We are not safe on our roads - in broad daylight and in the darkness. Keep your eyes behind you at all times as these guys approach very fast. If possible, turn into a road, if not make sure you are as far off the road as possible. Extreme measure would be to tint your car windows so that the thugs traveling behind cannot see if you are traveling alone or if you are a weak target. All these incidences have happened to woman traveling one or the elderly. Absolute cowards!!!

My mom is okay although very traumatised with a rather swollen blue face!!

Take care out there and be safe