I was arrested yesterday for selling second hand clothing.

At about 430 pm yesterday I was called to the gate, someone wanted to see me, there were 4 police officers standing infront of the suitcases holding the second hand clothes,
Cop " who gave you permission to sell these things?"
Me " I did, they are mine"
Cop " do you have a license?"
Me "no, do I need one as these are my clothes?"
Cop " if you don't have a license you are under arrest"

So all the stuff was repacked into boxes and suitcases. I came inside and phoned my friends mike and Angela to tell them what was happening. Gave instructions do D...... to look after dad as I was going to jail.

Closed down my computer, had a drink, by this time the police pickup had arrived, all the stuff was packed onto the back. I was told to get onto the back of the pickup with the stuff, so off we go with me perched onto of a suitcase, as you can imagine there was quite a good audience twittering and giggling, up at the robots the car stops, the police have seen the mealie sellers, the one sitting in the back with me jumps off and gives chase, but the guys are long gone, so the police break down the fire, confiscate the mealiest and vegetables found around, while I was waiting it was quite funny really to see the people doing double takes at me, they expect to see blacks but not a white lady sitting amongst her goods, I took this opportunity to send a sms to G.... and L.... telling the news. I am being taken to the Milton Park police station. Oh yes forgot, just before I left and Asian man came to see me I have some of his work suits I was taking the embroidered name off for him., on explaining what was happening he very kindly shoved $1,8 million into my hand in case I needed to pay a hefty fine.

On arrival at the police station there are M... and A.... and S..... Phew , back up, I was led into the station , and told to sit on the bench, nobody said any more to me, A.... came and sat with me. Then a policeman came and asked me where I got the clothing from , I said it was mine, I was just selling my children's stuff that they had left behind. Then G.... phoned , a very welcome call it was too. Then I was asked if I was willing to pay a fine, an admission of guilt, I told them I was, but how much was it, the police man said something, I asked again he said $25,000.I couldn't believe my ears, is that all, my knees wanted to give way. I had imagined I would be spending the night in the dark and dingy cell amongst who knows what. So very smartly I took out the money and put it on the desk, then one of the police woman came over, she said not to worry but that I must realise how lucky I was, she took my shaking hands and held them in hers saying how cold they were , she rubbed them for me ,

I must say they were all very polite and sympathetic, they filled in the admission of guilt form I signed it and was told I could go, and I could take all the clothes with. Thank god for S.... and his truck, so quick smart we loaded up the truck and left. I couldn't get to sleep till about 1.30, then all of a sudden it hit me, stupid me in my funk had put 2x20,000 dollar notes and a 5 dollar note, so what has happened to the other $20,000 in some policeman pocket I suppose. so much for law and order.

This morning D..... tells me that the one rubbing my hands had not wanted to do anything about it, it was the other tall skinny policewoman who insisted.

I was arrested under this controversial `clean up the trash` or `get rid of the seething mass of maggots` going on at the moment. I do consider myself very lucky.

I asked what about people leaving the country or moving into smaller accommodation who are trying to sell their furniture or cars or whatever. "NO, nobody is allowed to sell anything unless they have a license, once they are issued with a license they will be told where they can go and sell it. I was also told they would be watching me to see if I sell anything else. So you can imagine what my nerves are like. ho hum the fun of living in this hell hole, where has our once beautiful country gone??????

By the time we got home the mealie sellers were back in place selling their wares.