Bally Vaughan Bird and Game Sanctuary  
Animals are starving as the amount of food is decreasing for the demand that is needed. Recently we have been reduced to feeding the predators. Other animals that have died in the game park such as the matriarch elephant, sable, impala and the list goes on.

Please, we desperately need your help in the feeding and caring for the large number of animals in our care. Animals are being sent to our
Sanctuary almost weekly, with the cost of everything going up almost daily, we are in desperate need of some assistance. All the animals
within the sanctuary are there for a reason - they are orphaned, injured, former pets or problem animals and cannot be released back into
the wild.

They are relying on us.

All these animals require food, housing and veterinary care. Veterinary costs continue to increase on a monthly basis and basic flea
and tick control is rapidly becoming beyond our means. Our major source of food for the herbivores is no longer operating at full capacity which means we are receiving less than half the amount of waste vegetables that we need.

We have in the past been relying on donations of horses and livestock to feed our predators and this source is shrinking as the economic
situation worsens.

We do have a sponsorship scheme in place for very lucky individual animals, however these only cover the cost of that one specific animal.
We still need to cover the cost of the other animals. We have put together a "list" of essentials that we desperately need for the
well-being of our animals.

FRONTLINE (Spray or Spot-on - for Rolf the Cheetah) DOG DIP, FLEA POWDER, POULTRY DUSTING POWDER NAILS, WIRE, POLES DOG KENNELS, CRATES (for shelters during the Rains)

A SPONSOR FOR 3 ORPHANED PIGLETS - they require 2 litres of goats milk/day which we have sourced at $4000/lt

A SPONSOR FOR 2 ORPHANED CALVES - they require 2 litres of cows milk per day which we have sourced at $3500/lt

WASTE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES FERTILIZER LUCERNE AND MAIZE SEED WHEELBARROW, SHOVELS, HOES MOLASSES AND HAY, HOSE PIPES AND LASTLY, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - YOUR SUPPORT! Just by visiting our sanctuary on the Shamva Road you are helping us. We are only half an hour from Harare and open every day except Mondays.

Thank you for helping us to care for the Bally Vaughan animals. We cannot do it without you! By sponsoring a Bally Vaughan resident, or
assisting with one of our projects, you are not just helping this small group of creatures, but you are making a difference to the future of
wildlife in Zimbabwe as a whole.

Please if you are interested in helping please contact:

email :

Tele : +263 4 481145 (A/H)
+263 91 830 935 (Mobile)