What can't you get in Zim?

  What can you get would be a shorter list !!

There is no soap, cooking oil, mealie meal which is the stable diet;
toothpaste; sugar; bread and when you can get it you are paying around Z$12000.00 a loaf.

People are queuing for everything. All the above mentioned and petrol. We haven't had petrol for three weeks now. I walk +/- 18km to get to work and +/-18 km to get home. Some people can't get their children into school and some people can't afford school fees. I pay Z$ 3 800 000.00 (three million eight hundred thousand dollars) a month for my daughters school fees and that isn't a private school. That is 80% of my salary. Our rent is 6 million dollars a month and that's for a cheap house.

I'm not too sure what the Rand is sitting at against the Zimbabwe dollar but I know we
are Z$ 40 000.00 for US$ 1.00 and Z$60 000.00 for GBP 1.00. People are finding it hard to cope.

Meat, the cheapest cuts are Z$ 88 000.00 per kg. People are starving, some have opted to buy eggs instead of meat and that is over $ 40 000.00 per dozen. It's terrible.

Anyway have a lovely day

Will write soon with more news.