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Which glass to use?
As a rough guideline, choose stemmed glasses for cocktails that are not served on ice, because they will stay cool longer. Use tumblers or highball glasses for drinks served on ice. Stronger cocktails should be served in small glasses and champagne flutes and highball glasses are good for fizzy drinks.  

  Flying Scotsman - Mix three glasses whisky, 2.5 glasses Italian Vermouth and add one tablespoon bitters and a tablespoon of sugar syrup


You need:
Brown sugar, Jack Daniels, A slice of orange

Put the brown sugar on your hand much like salt when drinking Tequila. Put it on your tongue and then shoot a tot of Jack. Then eat the slice of lemon. When the Jack hits your stomach you shout Huaah!!!!!

Rusty Nails - Mix a measure of Drambuie to a measure of whisky and stir well.

Rob Roy - Mix a measure of whisky and Martini and add two dashes of Angostura bitters

Robbie Burns - Measure of whisky mixed with Martini and three dashes of Benedictine

Warm Woolly Sheep - 1 measure Scotch whisky, 1 1/2 measure Drambuie, Warm Milk
Mix Scotch and Drambuie, top with warm milk.

Kiltlifter - 1.5 measures single malt Scotch, 1 measure Drambuie or Glayva, 2.5 measures Rose's Lime Juice
Shake gently and pour over ice in old fashioned glass.

Dancing Leprechaun - 1 1/2 measures Irish whisky , 3/4 measure Drambuie, 3/4 measure Lemon juice, 3/4 measure Ginger ale , Twist of Lemon peel
Shake with ice. Strain into glass with ice cubes. Add a twist of lemon.

Highland Milkmaid - using a spoon, gently add cream to the top of a generous serving of whisky.

Isle of Skye - Equal measures of Drambuie, gin and lemon juice.

Scottish Sparkle Punch - Mix a bottle of dry white wine, two-thirds of a cup of Drambuie and the juice of a lemon in a jug. Chill and, just before it is to be used, add a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and two cups of lemonade. Add plenty of ice before serving.

I came across this cocktail in a night club in East London when I used to live there. Not sure that it is exactly the same as the original but have never had any complains about it to date...other than it was my fault they had a hangover the next day.

Go-Go Juice:
One part each of:
Tequila (white)
Triple Sec
Blue Curacao

Serve with lots of ice and fill with lemonade in a big (i.e. pint) glass (you need to dilute the spirits a bit according to taste).
A friendly warning: One and you warm up, two and you party all night, three and it's good night.
Feel free to add any other white spirits e.g. Gin according to your taste - I have found some very "interesting" white spirits around the world.
Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Colin Jefferys

We love to experiment with cocktails and came up with this one last December after Thomas got a bottle of peach mampoer as a Christmas gift from someone. So herewith a cocktail recipe that I think could be said to be South African, but it doesn't have a name as it's our own concoction. If you name it let me know.

We have a name for this cocktail, suggested by  Anton of Ceres Internet Café

Mampoer Saamgemoer

2 measures peach mampoer
2 measures orange juice
2 measures peach pulp or juice
Shake well then put dash of grenadine in bottom of glass fill with ice and pour the mixture over (it mustn't mix with the grenadine so pour carefully)
For decoration we then put on a cocktail fork a fresh cherry with a slice of canned peach and a sprig of fresh mint.

Karin Schoeman


1 tot hotshots (cinnamon alcohol) - pour first into the shooter, 1 tot amarula - pour onto the top using a teaspoon to keep separation

Can be sipped like an irish coffee or thrown back

African Mystery

in this order

1 tot brandy
3 tots flaked ice
2 tots amarula

I have had these by friends and found them not too bad
Kind Regards
Charles Rogers

Glass: Shot
Ingredients: 1/2 shot peppermint liqueur 1/2 shot Amarula
Method: Layer ingredients

Glass: Martini - no ice

1/2 shot vodka
1 shot Amarula
1 shot Frangelico
1 shot fresh cream

Method: Place all ingredients into shaker with ice and strain into glass

Garnish: Sprinkle crushed hazelnuts

Brandy and Cream
Glass: Old Fashioned or Rocks - with ice

1/2 shot Amarula
1 shot Viceroy
1 shot fresh cream

Method: Place all the ingredients into shaker with ice and strain into glass.

Garnish: Sprinkle chocolate shavings.

Amarula Elephant Cocktail
Charging Elephant Martini
- 3 oz Amarula cream liqueur
- 1 oz vodka
Glassware: Cocktail glass

Hilton Fling
Mix a measure of Dubonnet with half a measure of Drambuie. Add a dash of orange bitters and a slice of orange.

Manor Punch
Mix a measure of whisky, Martini and a dash of Drambuie and serve with a cherry. You decide whether to shake or stir...

Prince Charlie
Equal measures of Drambuie, Cognac and lemon juice.

Flora Macdonald
Mix a measure of Drambuie and dry gin to two measures of French Vermouth.

The classic cocktail of equal parts whisky and green ginger wine or one part wine to two of whisky. Mix by holding the bottom of the glass and gently shaking.

Umbrella Man Special
6 cl Vodka
6 cl Kahlua
6 cl Bailey's Irish cream
6 cl Grand Marnier
6 cl Drambuie
Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Serve with straw and ice cubes and put a cocktail umbrella beside the straw in the glass.

Loch Lomond
2 oz Scotch whisky
1/2 oz Drambuie
1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
1 twist of Lemon peel
In a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes, combine the Scotch, Drambuie, and vermouth. Stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with the twist of lemon peel.

1 cl Drambuie
1 cl Orange liqueur - 1 cl Bailey's Irish cream
2/3 cl Milk
Pour in order.

Jack Frost
2 Tbsp Jack Daniels
1 Tbsp. Drambuie
1 dash Grenadine
1/4 cup Sweet and sour mix
1/4 cup Orange juice
Combine all the ingredients over ice in a glass.

3 cl Drambuie
1.5 cl Tia maria
1 cl Cream
1 Egg yolk
2 teaspoons sugar
Shake well with ice. Serve in frosted glass and sprinkle with powdered coffee or nutmeg.

5 cl Drambuie
5 cl Malibu rum
5 cl Cherry brandy
10 cl Lemonade
Just pour the ingredients into a glass and stir.

Black Tartan
1 part Johnnie Walker Black whisky
1 part Irish whisky
1 part Drambuie
1 1/2 part Kahlua
Shake with ice and strain over ice.

Christmas Pudding
100 ml Southern Comfort
100 ml Drambuie
500 ml Guinness stout
Add Southern Comfort and then Drambuie in a large goblet. Top up with draught or chilled Guinness.

One measure of Drambuie, one measure of lime juice and two measures of white rum.

Highland Fling - mix two measures of whisky to one of Italian Vermouth and add two dashes of orange bitters. Serve with an olive.

Tam 'o Shanter
3 glasses of whisky, 2 glasses French Vermouth, half a glass of orange juice. Shake well, add a little nutmeg and serve with an olive.

Auld Nick
Each drink has 50% whisky, 25% Drambuie and 12.5% of orange juice and 12.5% of lemon juice.

Jelly Shooters
Jelly (any flavour)

Tot glasses

Prepare the jelly as per package instructions, but where it asks for water, substitute with vodka. Pour into tot glasses and refrigerate to set as per package instructions. Take out of fridge about 15 minutes before guests arrive and serve as a welcome shooter.

Sowetan Long Drop

3/4 shot banana liquer
1/4 shot amarula
Drop Nachtmuzik


**Tant Hessie se witperd**
1 piesang
10 pekanneute (in stukkies)
'n glas yskoue melk
Bacardi of Gin na smaak
Verpulp dit in 'n elektriese blender vir 30 sekondes.
(Of tot die skuim op die witperd se bek staan.)

Tienie Holtzhauzen

Blou Bul

Nartjie, ingespuit met gin of cane!