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Well, this is me, and to keep it short, I live near Johannesburg in South Africa, am 60 years old,   recently retired and my interests include photography, web design, wildlife, travel, computers and of course, most of all, my online friends!! I also collect Traditional South African recipes and I think I have quite a comprehensive collection. There are still many places in South Africa that I haven't visited, but I intend to remedy that soon. You can see some of the places we have visited so far by following the Holiday Destinations link from the home page. I also have an Afrikaans website, go take a look! Can't think of anything else  at the moment, so ask away if you wanna know more..:-)

A coffee break is not complete unless you have a rusk to dunk...try one of the rusk recipes on the site and experience it for yourself!!

Me, enjoying rusks and coffee...

This site is dedicated to all my online pals as well as to South Africans living in other countries and who miss this beautiful country!


Chomping a boerie (boereworsroll)


Chomping a boerieroll!


Cuddles, the site mascot!

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